Apie Ugnele Jewelry

I have always loved creating beauty around me and I was also interested in fashion, design and style. It’s no coincidence that I’ve chosen to study fashion design at Vilnius academy of Arts. After graduation I started looking for activity that would bring me joy and allow to express my creative ideas. Extremely meticulous metalsmithing has became a great way to reveal myself.

I am happy to be able to offer my clients stylish and timeless products. I want that women wearing UGNELE jewelry would enjoy the feeling of beauty and uniqueness. All products have a blend of modern design with classics and simplicity with sophistication. Every item is a small piece of art that was born in my heart and developed in my hands.

The most important features of our products are exceptional quality, modern aesthetics, mindful design and minimalism. UGNELE Jewelry goal is to spread beauty and joy for all women, after all, adorned woman feels pretty and when she feels pretty she feels happy too.

With love,
Ugnė Svirkauskienė